Friday, December 27, 2013

Freebie Desktop Organizer For your Apps in the New Year

Creative-Tizzy-DTOrganizer Freebie-1-1920X1080

Hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday and you look forward to the New Year. With that said, I am giving you a Freebie Desktop Organizer for your Apps (used to be Icons, but I’m aging myself here) to get back on track with Organizing your chaos at home like me. Now I did gear this towards Mom Bloggers and Scrapbooking, since it applies to me, but I can’t be the only Mom Blogger that uses these categories! I’ve provided 3 sizes for your convenience.

Here are the Directions:

  1. This is connected to a file in my google drive Folder Creative Tizzy Freebies
  2. You can click on the link and download it to your hard drive or you can right click and save to Background and thats it!!

Now, I have tried them with tablets and phones, and I need to adjust for both! That will be my next post. Enjoy and leave me some comment love.  If you would like I can take Custom requests for my next Freebie Organizer. Let me know if you would like different Titles and I can rearrange boxes and such. I had alot of fun making this. Mine looks awesome, all nice and neatly organized, MY WAY!! Have fun and let me know how it went.


Creative-Tizzy-DTOrganizer Freebie-1-1920X1080





Come back soon and look for my next Freebie!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Febreeze Fabric Refresher Spray Tutorial

Here is an easy Fabric Refresher spray that will NOT cost you a whole lot of money. With a few supplies on hand, it can be made for @ $.15, yes you read that right Fifteen Cents per bottle. If you bought all of the supplies the cost would be under $10 easy. You’d make it back with all of the refills many times over. DIY Febreeze Cover Photo Here’s what you’ll need…

  1. Favorite Fabric Softener, I chose Gain Dreamy Desire
  2. Empty Spray Bottle
  3. Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and spoon
  4. Measuring cup
  5. Sandwich bag/ or piece of paper for a makeshift funnel
  6. Hot Water

CAM00416 Here are the directions:

Measure out 2 oz. of Fabric Softener in measuring cup and then pour into empty spray bottle


Scoop out 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda and funnel it into bottle

Shake bottle to mix

CAM00423 Add Hot Water all the way to the top

CAM00426 Replace cap and shake again vigorously to mix everything

I wrote the recipe on the bottle with a Sharpie marker so I remember for next time!!

Ya done?? Good, there you have it, now go spray all of your couches, curtains, and smelly things ; )

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XOXO ~Christina

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School DIY Bling Galaxy Backpack


As I was going through my youtube feed and seeing what was New, I came across this Idea

DIY Galaxy Backpack You take a black backpack and paint Galaxies all over it.

I thought, wow, now that’s a neat idea. So I decided to comment on the video and tell my daughter,

“We’re going to make a one of a kind backpack for you going back to school”. She agreed to do it.

Of course when I do a dupe of something I have to put my own spin on it!

So I added Glitter and Bling. This isn’t a full tutorial, but rather a DIY Instructional Post. Enjoy!!!



A Plain Black Backpack (as shown above, but painted), I got mine at Walmart for $8.88.

2 Towels and 1 Washcloth for stuffing the Backpack makes for an easy surface to paint onto..


CAM00284You’ll also need Tulips Soft Velveteen fabric paint, In Colors White, Grape, Blue, and Azalea (Pink).

I purchased these in the t-shirt painting section at Michaels for about $1.50 each (not bad).


CAM00285I used Plastic snack bags for the paint to sponge onto the backpack.


CAM00287   I used a big sheet of wax paper to dab off excess paint.

I then used one yellow kitchen sponge $.92 at Walmart, that I cut into two halves.

Cut the edges off to make it easier to work with and used each corner for a different color.

I also used 2 fine detailed paint brushes, which I purchased a while ago at Michaels in a

set for about $8.00 ?? They are to nice to work with, very Ergonomic for the hands..


CAM00291    I had some glitter on hand and have been wanting to use my daughters Aqua,

Crystazzi Flatback Crystals also purchased at Michaels, which I have used clear flatbacks before

in my tutorial Bling out your last years sandals.

 CAM00294 A close up of the pretty glitter Aqua, Magenta, and Purple


CAM00323We also used bigger generic Crystal gems that were about $1.00 at Michaels.


CAM00288Directions: So we proceeded to load up the sponges with one color at a time.

Then we would dab as much off as we could onto the piece of wax paper, when applying,

you almost want the paint to be rubbed on dry and not splotchy or clumpy

to give each galaxy softness and depth. We used a mixture of Grape and white mixed together first,

then Blue and white, then Azalea Pink and white. We made little clusters just dabbing on a little at a time,

we’d turn the sponge and onto the next color and so on!


CAM00302  Here’s a close up shot of the Galaxy Clusters, yours will look different than mine but you get the idea.


CAM00304Stand back every so often and take a look at how its coming along.

You may need to add more of a color as you go.


CAM00305Also make sure that you randomly dab on the paint twisting your hand as you go,

so that you don’t get the same pattern on each galaxy.


CAM00327We used the paintbrush ends to dab on stars in a circular pattern to simulate a galaxy of stars.

Again, very random or you could paint on a constellation like the Big Dipper,

which my daughter did at the very bottom right. Do you see it  ;)


CAM00331      We also dry brushed on some shooting stars and simulated gaseous explosions,

as seen in space telescopes. We dabbed our finger into some glitter

and before the paint was completely dry, spread it across each galaxy for twinkle.


CAM00297Then we added the Crystazzi flatbacks with Nail Glue (my go to glue for applying gems).


 CAM00314Here is what the final product looks like in Daylight.

CAM00313I have to admit, My daughter and I were quite impressed with the job we did and

one of the best parts was it was sooo easy. Plus we had a nice Mother/Daughter bonding time.

Just let go and have fun! And that’s just what we did!!


CAM00316 Here is a close up of one of the generic crystals from Michaels @ $1.00, you can’t beat that.


CAM00317And another Pretty Blue one, a Planet or a Blue Sun, who knows it’s Outer Space!!


CAM00320CAM00322 Now we chose to go a little heavier with paint on the arm straps, because the material is heavier in nature.


CAM00318CAM00319Then we glued the bigger Gems onto the Zipper Pulls, those babies aren’t coming off, I tell ya!!

So let me know if you try this project out and send me a link to your blog post or pics.

I can’t wait till my daughter goes to school to hear what comments she’ll get on her New Backpack!!

This project is rated EZ on the DIY scale and is suitable for ages 5 and above with supervision.


What back to school projects have you been working on

and if you like this project leave me some comment Love!!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Let Me Pintroduce You! Pinterest Linky Party/ Come join in!!

I was just thinking how could I get involved more at Pinterest and this is perfect. A linky party, please go on over to Mom's Test Kitchen: Let Me Pintroduce You!: and link up!! Make sure you follow all of the steps and follow multiple blog/Pinners on Pinterest. I ended up following everyone. I love getting in touch with other like minded Pinners, I mean people. So get on over there and link up/ tweet/ follow back and have some fun! After all its friday people!!

Have a great weekend~Christina

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vote for Me over at

If you have browsed around my blog you’ll see that I am part of, I love going over there and checking out all of the wonderful mom sites that are listed. Like my own personal mommy blog search engine. If you currently have a Mom blog I encourage you to go sign up and get listed. I am currently at #35 in my category Crafts & DIY and #710 overall. I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mind clicking on my link to vote for me over there. Thank-You in advance.



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